Desktop gadgets - Best of 2018



It’s time to cover your privacy with the world thinnest webcam cover ever 0.6mm approximately 0.0023 inches. Webcam spying is a crucial issue that can abuse your privacy via any electronic device that you own that contains webcam.

The solution is quite simple:

Plenty of documented webcam hacking incidents could have been easily avoided by a simple webcam cover.

Spy-fy an elegant and practical webcam cover that serves as the perfect alternative to that ugly sticker on your laptop, tablet or desktop

It’s crucial that your new webcam cover does not interfere with your ability to completely close or fold your laptop. Spy slide is only 0.6mm (0.0023 inches) thin and can therefore be used on even the thinnest laptops such as the MacBook Pro or the Dell XPS series.

Homey’s powerup


It is 72W AC power can charge four devices (3 USB + 1 USB-C device). Charge your USB devices 2x faster than a standard charge. Connect and sync up to three USB devices with your MacBook. PowerUp makes the complication of quarrelling with many charges.

PowerUp is the one and only multi-device charger and USB-C hub for the new MacBook and MacBook Pro. PowerUp is the same size as that of MacBook charger but makes it easier to pack up and get moving. PowerUp is also an independent charger station to directly plug in to device.



A/Stand offers 20 different viewing configurations so that you can work comfortably anytime, anywhere. A/STAND is specifically designed to create a unique, personalized environment, allowing you to interact with your devices effectively & optimally. It's perfect for working while traveling, commuting, & working remotely.

For laptop users, A/STAND is designed to dissipate the heat generated by these devices you'll find it much more comfortable to sit with your laptop for extended periods of times. With A/STAND you have the option to choose what viewing position is most optimal, easing stress and omitting neck and back pains. Its just under 2 pounds & measuring the dimensions of a magazine.



The Average person sits over half their lifetime. At work, At school, At home. Causing irreparable damage to their body. HOVR lets movement happen, burning calories and increasing circulation - all while you sit.

HOVR is the unique solution for desktop grabbers, we can have a relaxed work while frustrated with office work. HOVR provides a unique way to move and exercise while sitting throughout the day, with no mental distraction as validated by University of Illinois and its a NEAT™ Certified.

ProBASE stand


The First USB Type-C Stand ever that helps to connect all USB devices, 4K HDMI monitor, your MacBook Pro. ProBASE HD provides one 4K HDMI port, USB-C DATA, 3 USB-3.0 ports and Pass-Charging for your MacBook Pro. Sleek and sturdy, perfectly fit your minimalist style. The metallic silver finish is the perfect match for your MacBook pro. With power plugged in, all USB ports support charging even when your computer is not around or not turned on. ProBASE also features larger current supply than most of the dongles in the market to charge your device.