All the following challenges will be done easily with teamwork on 50 vs 50 or squad mode and if you are confident enough you can proceed with solo mode

Deal damage to opponents in a single match: (easy on 50 vs 50)

1.Obviously for a killer player this challenge is not even taken for count. kill’em all...

2.If you can get your hand on rocket launchers or grenades mass kill will make this challenge and the last one vanish.

Use a Launchpad:

*Before using a launchpad getting one is mostly based on your luck.. if you get one use it before someone kills you.

Follow the treasure map found in flush factory: (hard)


Land near the flush factory, search for the map it could be on any walls of buildings or the steel containers on the side. the screenshot from where i found the maps are included.

Search chests in fatal fields:

1.This challenge is not easy as it seems when the map is crowded and crawling with players.

2.If only you are keen on completing the challenge you should not worry about the collectables.

3.Just land on the fatal fields run and open every chest you instead of standing and choosing your weapons.

Shoot a clay pigeon at different locations:


1.Ignore the following tips if you are good at shooting moving targets.

2.For this challenge have a machine gun or sub-machine gun with high firing rate which would be easier for completing this challenge.

3.This can also be achieved with team work where the partner launches the clay machine and you shoot by standing near to the reach point of the clay.

Eliminate opponents in haunted hills:

By playing in squad mode you can lure the opponents to haunted hills and take turns on completing the challenge. this challenge also seems easy but its really hard to make unless having a great team.

Explosive weapon eliminations:(hard)

Grab only one favourite gun and choose all the others as explosives such as grenades, grenade launchers, and rocket launcher. sneak near the supply drop spot and get a better place for hideout when the box lands it will be crowded with players and it time for going boom on them.

Show your teamwork by having the last strike on the opponent with grenades or rocket launcher and help your squad member to do the same. voice chatting will be much more useful in this scenario.