Free Challenges:

Build Structures (250)

This challenge is not at a big deal. On any modes the structures which is build by your team mates even before the bus starts to fun is taken into count. Therefore not completing this challenge is a challenge.

Jump through flaming hoops with a shopping cart or ATK (5)


There are 10 flaming hoops available all over the map which is shown in the above image.Grab the vehicle and take your team and make it a team work for completing this challenge. This challenge is similar to the challenge on the first birthday anniversary (Dancing before the cake).


If you get a vehicle refer the above image and jump through 5 different hoops on a single try along with your teammates inside the vehicle.

Eliminate opponents in Dusty Divot (5) (HARD)

Dusty divot is a forest area which is easy for hiding. Hide out in a place until an opponent shows up. Obviously because of this challenge this place in the map will be crowded. Choosing assault rifles, machine guns or sub machine guns or rocket launcher is easy for this job.

Battle Pass Challenges:

Deal damage with sniper rifles to opponents (500)

Getting hands on sniper rifles is rare.

But getting one in supply drops is pretty easy.

Inside the circle, the supply drops are frequent as well as sniper.

Before getting hands on sniper collect lots of heavy bullets.

You can always complete the challenge by shooting the downed players in 50 v 50.

Search chests in Flush Factory (7)

Flush factory isn’t the most popular place in the game, but it’s sure to get lot of attention this week. The best way to complete the challenge is to wait next week. Or get to the place of chests ASAP.

Search between a gas station, soccer pitch and Stunt Mountain (1) (HARD)

For week 4 of Fortnite’s Season 5, we have the usual collection of kill and collect missions, along with another find-and-seek challenge.

This time you’re tasked to “Search between a Gas Station, Soccer Pitch and Stunt Mountain.” It’s actually one of the easier challenges to complete, so long as you know where to look.

You’re aiming for a spot just south of Pleasant Park, and just northwest of a gas station.

Near a light brown tree appears a battle star.

Get it and the challenge is complete.

Pistol Eliminations (3) (HARD)

This challenge is really a hard one. Silenced pistol will do the work if you really have to shoot them with pistol sneaking on them.

Another way is to take the downed players in 50 v 50.

Its difficult as there is also sniper challenge this week.