ASUS ROG-The ultimate gamer's dream

It’s been the second gaming phone ASUS ROG. ROG is for those who don't know is the Republic of gamers division they make gaming stuff's. Razor is the pioneer and second Gen of that to come up soon but we got this second ever true gaming phone

It comes with the latest Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845 SoC

which has 8 CPU cores and Adreno 630 grsphics which can dash the latest games. The sick design is so well and its about 9mm thick and pretty heavy.

Camera cut out with trapezoidal flash cut and in the back is very geometric big ASUS ROG logo and in the side is essential heat sink a copper heat spread and carbon cooling pads underneath the cover

It is IPX 5 and IPX 7 certified

So it's splash proof water resistant it has 8GB of ram 4000 mah battery with fast charging and a 6-inch OLED display with a high refresh rate of 90 Hz.

Headphone Jack at the bottom with their normal USB C port for charging and data transfer on the side two more USB C ports for charging accessories.


The Ultimate gamer's dream features are in this phone

Air triggers it creates basically two more virtual buttons on the side of the phone, you can map the air triggers to those exact points in the game and then play the game without blocking screen with fingers.


The Cool feature

ROG accessories are also going to be available that plug into the USB C port on the bottom including a small fan that comes with the box it's an attachable clamp that has its own glowing logo, plug in and it keeps the CPU extra cool while hard gaming.

Asus ROG phone is expected to be launched on Dec 05, 2018. Tell your views of the second gaming phone ASUS ROG in the comment and lets see what Razor has in upcoming days.